About Us

Hello! Do you remember The Higher Tempo Press? Of course you do, right?

Well, we are all hiding over here now on our new website. Don’t ask, long story.

Football Manager has been a regular pastime for everyone who has ever loved the game of football and a number of wild and wacky things have happened throughout each and every save that deserves their place to be told on the World Wide Web. Hence, that was the reason as to why the website was created.

On Football Manager Daily, you will find everything you found before – namely stories, tactics, skins, guides, podcasts and terrible, terrible experiments.

Not quite sure you know where to start on a new save or who to create a game with? Want to read some strange stories about what has happened in some of the experiments that contributors have tried to do (and spectacularly failed with at times).

Perhaps you are looking to find the best tactics available to help you take a non-league side from the bottom of English football to the pinnacle of European football as quickly as possible?

Or, have a club but need the players to help you turn them into a dominant force? Or, maybe you like to focus on youth prospects and help develop them into wonderkids and reap the rewards?

Here at Football Manager Daily, we will have an article for all your Football Manager needs and will look to help quench that thirst you have for content by bringing you a wide variety of articles.

What more could you want?

Have a story you are dying to share with the rest of the Football Manager community regarding a current save that you are doing? Looking for a place to document one of your latest escapades? Or maybe you have come across some classic names as you have gone through your career with some re-gen names getting even better with each academy intake?

Then, why not look to join us by applying to write for us?

Football Manager. Daily. Says it all, really.

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