Betting on the next football manager to be sacked can be an incredibly popular sports betting market for football bettors around the world, as it can provide some excitement in a different may to typical methods.

Of course, many will choose to focus on making predictions about what will happen on the pitch, such as predicting the correct score, the number of bookings, where a team will finish the season, whether they will win the competition that they are involved in etc.

However, predicting who the next manager to be sacked is throughout the season can provide bettors with something rather different, especially when they manage to get the best betting offers from places such as My Betting Site UK.

Many will look at how recent results have been going in order to make a prediction about which boss will be handed his P45 in the near future, whilst others may look to do some research on what reports have been written in the media to help them with their predictions.

There is a wide array of different things that are needed to be known when placing a bet on the next manager to be sacked, though, with many of them potentially helping bettors make the right predictions and, therefore, earn some money rather than see it be lost.

We have already outlined one of the key signs in how a manager will have been judged by those above him – and everyone else around – with results always playing a major role. For instance, there have been many managers to have lost their jobs in the past because they have been unable to win games. Schalke 04 are a prime example in the Bundesliga, as they are already on their fifth manager of the season!

However, results should not be the sole decision as there have been managers in the Premier League this season to have lost jobs despite having had some decent results. Look at Frank Lampard at Chelsea, or Slaven Bilic at WBA – his perhaps more of a surprise as he was dismissed after drawing with Manchester City.

This takes us to another area in which punters should look to learn about when betting on the next manager to be sacked. The decision-makers at each team need to be known and learned about, as they may be ‘trigger-happy’ (Roman Abramovich) or they might not be willing to pull the trigger and ‘continue to believe in them’. Maybe Crystal Palace’s Roy Hodgson fits that category?

Nonetheless, there are a number of factors that should be considered when betting on the next manager to be sacked. So, make sure you consider all of them before you place a bet on who you think might be fired next.