Football Manager has been a favorite of the numerous football manager games available amongst football fans, experts in the game, pundits, and even football managers. Football was created in 1992 by Sports Interactive and has been in existence ever since. The game has extensive and complete information about the football teams, players, wages, etc.

Football Manager makes it easier for people who engage in sports betting on sites like 1bet2u, fans, experts, etc., to have more knowledge of the game while playing it. With the 2023 version set to be out in November 2022, here are some interesting clubs you can manage when the latest edition is out. 

Newcastle United

One club to look out for in Football Manager 2023 is definitely Newcastle United. This is because of the new owners they got during the 2021/22 who are not hesitant to spend lots of money in making the club one of the biggest in Europe. Therefore, the club will be provided with higher transfer fees, higher approved wages(meaning you can bring in expensive players), and more money for overall development. If you are looking for a club in the game that will provide you with enough money to work with, you should probably opt for Newcastle United. 


Although having been dominated in their league in recent times, Lyon is one promising team that you should probably pick in Football Manager 2023. The French club is one that is filled with players with a lot of potential and talent that could quickly explode and become a challenge to top teams if managed correctly. If you are looking to test your abilities, you should probably go for Lyon.

Nottingham Forest

Having reached the Championship playoffs last season and winning it to obtain premier league promotion, Nottingham Forest are looking to bounce back as a top club in history. They have money to spend and have brought in good players. You can pick up the reins and manage them if you are looking to guide a lower-quality team to glory.

Derby County

The club experienced a massive points deduction in the Championship last season as they were relegated from the league and are now in League One. They have had their manager leave them and a few players have left looking for new challenges. If you are looking for a big challenge, you should probably pick Derby County and look to take them back to the Championship and, eventually, the Premier League.