Sometimes, getting your money’s worth might be a task that does not take too long to complete. However, one Football Manager player certainly managed to get his.

Sepp Hedel might not be a name many will know, however he is a Guinness World Record holder when it comes down to our beloved Football Manager game.

The German holds the record of the longest saves ever to have been achieved on the game, having played 333 seasons in one save!

Having started in December 2017, Hedel played the game during the time he spent in Africa and in his homeland, although his limited to playing at weekends (aren’t we all). He still managed to acquire an insane 1,940 hours of actual playtime and that did not involve any simulations or in-game holidays – I’m guilty here.

Having managed FC United of Manchester, Bengaluru FC and Hereford FC over the course of 333 seasons, he managed a 71% win success as he won 11,217 of the 15,768 matches played.

With over £9 billion spent on players (684), he still managed to bring in £8.65 billion from 491 players sold, therefore he was pretty handy with the finances of the clubs he was at. Imagine being able to fetch those amounts of money when betting with sites on
Regens can always steal the show on Football Manager and Hedel’s save was no different, as Fernando Robles was outstanding for him, having netted an impressive 427 goals in his 587 games.
Reflecting on his achievements, Sepp said: “My favourite part of the game was to develop smaller clubs, so I started with FC United of Manchester who had their first Premier League win in 2037 after six second places! That was a special moment.

“After 50 years in Manchester I had won everything, so I decided to try something new and signed with Bengaluru FC of India. This was a totally different style of play. You don’t get millions due to advertising and TV rights, and you can’t sign more than four foreign players, so I developed young players to achieve my goals.

“Eventually I returned to the Premier League with Hereford FC in 2277. However, I realized how insanely strong I developed FC United and it was even harder to beat my former club, but I finally managed to in 2289.

“I think the first win against the big clubs Manchester City and Manchester United with FC United of Manchester was very special. Of course, the first Premier League title and the first win of the UEFA Champions League against Atletico Madrid in 2037 was also a big deal too.

“Furthermore, to build the biggest stadium in India – the Hedel-Arena with 86,250 seats in 2257 – and to reach the AFC Champions League semi-final 2075, 2246 and 2255, were all great achievements for an Indian club.”

Sepp’s FM addiction saw him become a Guinness World Record holder after he trumped the previous efforts of Michal Leniec, a 38-year-old man from Poland, who managed for 221 seasons and claimed the award in December 2018.

Three months before that, Seb Keenan from Oxford was the biggest FM addict after playing out 170 seasons.