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Southgate becomes highest-paid international football manager

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One of the best things that a football manager can experience, aside from winning (obviously), is to receive a new contract.

Naturally, there are a number of bonuses and advantages that can be instantly received when a new deal has been presented. Stability, recognition and a new pay packet that can see earnings become even more lucrative.

Of course, there are some of us who will go on and play at m88 in the hope of earning some lucrative rewards, but football managers are individuals who can earn a lot more for a week’s work. Oh, unless you are an international football manager.

For these guys, they will still earn a pretty penny more than everyone else, but they will have to work a little less than everyone else. At least, that is how it would appear from the outside (we know that there is a lot that goes on behind the scenes).

Gareth Southgate is one manager that has recently received a new contract, as his deal with England has been extended until December 2024. Naturally, it always seemed in the offing as he had led the Three Lions to the 2018 FIFA World Cup semi-finals, as well as going one better in the 2020 UEFA European Championships, despite ending the campaign as runners-up.

Some will state that there has been significant progression by the national team under his guidance and that his new deal is deserved.

Included as part of the deal, it has been reported by The Guardian that the 51-year-old’s salary has been increased by twice the amount, with it thought he is earning around £6 million a year now.

Upon learning of this news, GiveMeSport decided to take a look at those in international management and see who was earning the most by using a variety of different sources that they had available to them. Here is what they managed to uncover:

All figures are provided by SportingFree unless stated. Louis van Gaal’s salary at the Netherlands is unknown and thus has not been included.

Gerardo Martino | Mexico | £1.65 million-per-year (per sportscriber)

Lionel Scaloni | Argentina | £2 million-per-year (per Sportekz)

Roberto Martínez | Belgium | £2 million-per-year

Luis Enrique | Spain | £2.5 million-per-year

Fernando Santos | Portugal | £2.75 million-per-year

Tite | Brazil | £3.1 million-per-year (per Sportekz)

Roberto Mancini | Italy | £3.5 million-per-year

Didier Deschamps | France | £4 million-per-year

Hansi Flick | Germany | £5.5 million-per-year (per Bild)

Gareth Southgate | England | £6 million-per-year

As can be seen from the chart above, Southgate’s new deal has seen him shoot up and take top spot as the highest-earning manager in international football at the moment, overtaking Germany’s Hansi Flick, who only recently took over the national team following the UEFA European Championships.

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