We all know football can be a rather cut-throat business and perhaps one that is even more cut-throat than some of those that are well-known for being exactly that.

Managers can tend to be relieved of their duties at any moment in time of a football season, with some having been dismissed once a season has only just got underway and is yet to have reached double figures in regards to league games. Frank de Boer at Crystal Palace is perhaps the most famous in recent times as he lasted just five matches.

Other managers have been sacked for doing rather solid and good jobs during their employment, with individuals such as Carlo Ancelotti, Antonio Conte, Maurizio Sarri and Frank Lampard all at Chelsea having arguably suffered harsh sackings.

Due to the sheer unpredictability factor that this provides, the ‘Sack Race’ football betting option has become incredibly popular with football betting fans each season. The odds that can be made available at the start of a football season are sometimes rather competitive, as it can be anyone’s game.

Indeed, many are able to get even better “Sack Race” odds when they look to use offers that are available, such as the Bonus codes from Leo Vegas that can be used at times, whilst sportsbooks always look to ensure they provide bettors with the most competitive odds that they can.

Although the “Sack Race” betting market is not limited to just the sport of football, it provides bettors with a different type of bet that they can keep running for a period of time and one that has the ability to improve as time continues.

With many of the football bets available to place to be considered rather short-term, as many of them will be placed regarding a particular football fixture that is being played, predicting which football manager will be sacked next could provide a different level of excitement and sense of achievement if correctly predicted.

As mentioned in an earlier example, there will not have been many at the start of the 2017/18 Premier League season that would have been predicting that De Boer would have been sacked by Crystal Palace after just five games in charge. Although things did not look good at the time, there would have been many still believing he would have been given the opportunity to turn things around and have time to implement his system, especially after he proved to be successful at Ajax and Inter Milan prior to his move to England.

However, those who managed to predict that before the season started, or just a couple of games in, will have likely been pretty pleased with what they would have been able to cash in when it happened!