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Will Gerrard ever manage Liverpool?

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Steven Gerrard has long since disappeared from the radar of the general public. In 2015, he left his native Liverpool and went to play out overseas at Los Angeles Galaxy, where he retired a year later. Steve took a short break to vacation with his family, but quickly got bored in retirement. Like many players in recent decades, Gee took up a coaching license during his career and immediately returned to football. For betting on Liverpool games, check out CS:GO betting Australia.

Gerrard had grown accustomed to the pressure of his 18 years of career at the highest level, but Klopp suggested to a future colleague that the new craft was easier to comprehend away from the press and the excessive burden of responsibility. In November 2016, Steve got a job as a coach at MK Dons. It would have been his coaching debut, but he refused to lead the English base and took over Liverpool’s under 18 roster, write footballmanagerdaily.com.

“I only have problems with you!” Klopp is furious with the refereeing “I only have problems with you!” Klopp is furious with the refereeing

Just a season later, he moved to the Scottish Rangers and returned the club to the status of chief in Glasgow. In 11 derbies of the old firm, including several matches with Gee, the jers scored only six against Celtic, and conceded 30. The Englishman spent two years on pumping the squad and got a decent shot, but 23 months before Stevie left, the team did not lose a single confrontation with the main rival. Sometimes it seemed that the coach had played a trick somewhere: his players won even with poor performances.

Gerrard brought the Rangers their first title in 10 years and left as champion – a huge achievement given the legacy they left him. The stadium and training grounds were crumbling before our eyes due to lack of investment, and the team needed a shake-up: The Jersey finished the season in third place, 12 points behind Celtic, losing two derbies in April with a total score of 0-9.

Steve hadn’t counted on fighting for the titles from the beginning, the first thing he wanted to do was to restore the Rangers’ self-confidence and pride. In Scotland, he rebuilt the team from the ground up, but after moving to Aston Villa, Gerrard has a different starting point: a club with a rich history has returned to the Premier League for two seasons and has a core of great players. This time, Gee will not be recovering, but fine-tuning, although in Birmingham he will also be required to achieve a result in the short term – he took the team in 16th place. Similarity to the Rangers in mentality. Once again, the coach has to overcome the inferiority complex that limits the club.

Stevie G.’s return to the Premier League is a big deal for the division. There is no doubt that the ultimate goal of the legend is to return to his hometown Liverpool, but Aston Villa will not be just a step on the way to a dream, the Englishman will give his best for the success of Birmingham. The coach started with a win, and his reaction to goals speaks better than any words about the passion with which he accepted the new challenge.

The main topic in the Premier League is the dismissal of Ole-Gunnar Solskjaer from Manchester United. An obvious candidate for his post, the man already works in the Premier League.

In the central match of the last round between Liverpool and Arsenal was hot, Jurgen Klopp grappled with Mikel Arteta on the edge. What happened?

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Will Gerrard ever manage Liverpool?

Steven Gerrard has long since disappeared from the radar of the general public. In 2015, he left his native Liverpool and went to play...