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Soccer is one of the most popular sports in the world, and many people across the world enjoy playing and watching soccer. Many soccer fans love the sport so much that they also love to play Football Manager which is a football management simulation video game. In Football Manager, gamers manage their own teams of players from around the world, they play matches, and they learn about clubs, managers and players.

For those who love to play Football Manager, the video game can be a great tool to achieve a deeper knowledge about the soccer world. Not only do most soccer players love to play Football Manager, they also love to bet on soccer. There are many places on the internet where it is possible to bet on soccer but at, you can learn more about sports betting in Finland.

It is not only a fun activity to play Football Manager, but it can actually also help you in sports betting. Are you curious to know how? Then keep reading the article below.


Football Manager is constantly being renewed in new versions so it is up to date with what is going on in the soccer world. Many fans of Football Manager believe that the video game is very realistic and this point is supported by the fact that the simulation correctly predicted multiple outcomes of the FIFA World Cup in 2018. For example, it correctly predicted that France would win the World Cup, Harry Kane would win the Golden Boot and England would lose the semi-finals. It is hard to say whether this was a one time thing or not, but something tells us that Football Manager might be helpful for predictions which in the end can help you when betting on soccer.

Get information about each club

Football Manager can not only help you predict outcomes, it can also help you get information about each soccer club before you start betting. Football Manager is a very detailed video game, and it is filled with lots of useful information about each club. This can help you achieve a deeper knowledge about the club you want to place bets on and with the help of Football Manager, you can learn more about the clubs’ history, positions, managers etc. Therefore it can be a good idea to check the Football Manager before you start betting.

Increase your knowledge about the players

If you want to bet on specific soccer players, Football Manager can also be a helpful tool when you want to learn more about the players. Football Manager is so detailed and up to date, and the video game contains a lot of information about players that you won’t find anywhere else. The database in Football Manager contains more than 600.000 players from across the world so it can be a good idea to check out the player profiles in Football Manager before you start betting.