Every year, teams across the Football League release a new kit. Some make small changes, others big, some kits are deemed awful by fans and others amazing. A lot of fans will buy a kit depending on if they like it or not – some fans are so hardcore they will purchase it even if it’s ugly and the only one left in the club shop is three sizes too big. There has been a lot of controversy surrounding sponsorship on kits which started with Huddersfield Town AFC. The initial stunt was that Paddy Power was putting large branding all over the kit, making a big statement, later announcing that it was a joke – and their actual campaign was hand back the kits to the fans by removing their kit sponsor, whilst still paying the club sponsor money. A few other clubs followed suit including Southend United and Newport County. Ultimately, wearing your club’s shirt with pride is essential to any match day – but what fan base is going to look the best? Or perhaps you’d like to have a gamble on which club will play the best? Check out the Betfair English Premier League odds and see if your team is in with a good chance this season.

Leicester City

Leicester’s kit this season hasn’t changed too much compared to last year’s, but the changes made tie the whole kit together better. By changing the colour of the stripes across the shoulders from white to gold, the kit matches the sponsor logo of King Power that little bit more. Swapping the shorts back to white gives the team a more traditional look on the pitch. The kit is again produced by Adidas, the second year in a row since leaving their previous manufacturer Puma. Leicester City finished 9th in the last two seasons and haven’t seen any form of glory since their Premier League title win in the 2015/16 season.


This year you’ll see Liverpool in a classic and retro-styled kit. Their home kit is red with white pinstripes widely spaced down the front, matching their sponsor and arm motif – their logo, manufacturer and arm sponsor are all in a golden colour. A really smart kit, that you can see is a must-have for Liverpool fans. This kit will more than likely be a shirt both men and women look forward to wearing on game day as well as a trip to the pub on a Tuesday night.

Manchester United

This year, the kit of Manchester Utd isn’t one of the best, the black logo standing alone on the front of the shirt makes it look a little bit out of place. What is nice about this year’s kit is the small nod to their history. 20 years ago, Ole Gunnar Solskjær scored in the 93rd minute to bring home the treble with the UEFA Champions League trophy. Solskjær is now the manager at Manchester Utd, and with the 20th anniversary this year, the sleeve on the kit gives tribute to his legendary status with the design – 90+3’. Some might say United are living in the past, but with Solskjær now leading the club, we think it’s a great tribute that you’d never be able to do again – so why not.

Norwich City

This kit is possibly going to stand more than any other on the pitch. Norwich has one of the boldest colouring combinations with their yellow and green. This year, the yellow is the more dominant colour on the shirt, the green fading from the bottom of the shirt upwards in a fine dotted gradient.  A genuinely smart kit that will make a big impact on game day, on the pitch and in the stands.

Tottenham Hotspur

Spurs possibly has the simplest kit this year, but it certainly looks the smartest. A simple white shirt and blue shorts, with blue trims around the collar and sleeves of the shirt. This kit is similar to Liverpool’s in terms of people will be wearing this not just at football games but throughout the streets, as it will mix well with high-street fashion items.

All these great kits this season, but whose is the worst? Our vote is for Burnley. With the whole ‘Save Our Kit’ campaign from Paddy Power, sponsors on a shirt are going to be noticed more than ever. The logo on Burnley’s shirt is huge and also stands out because it’s in white, against the contrast of their usual claret kit. Burnley’s shirts always have the contrast of two bold colours but having a huge sponsor logo on the front is just giving us a headache!