Who doesn’t love a rising starlet on any Football Manager game? Perhaps, everyone does unless they’re out of their minds. And anyone who doesn’t like Serie A is out of their minds too, considering how the country has become a giant of the game over the last many decades.

Combining both of them gives a frightening duo. The Serie A currently boasts of talents like Nicolo Zaniolo, Federico Chiesa and Dejan Kulusevski and that should be enough of the country’s abilities to blossom talents.

We look at lesser-known Serie A talents that players can sign on Football Manager 2020 – get them on your live ticker!

Emanuel Vignato

Currently one of the best talents that Chievo Verona have had over the last many years, Vignato is priced at £3.2 million by his club on Football Manager 2020.

A versatile player behind the striker, the 18-year-old can play in attacking midfield and can also slot in on the right or the left-wing. He is full of flair and it stands at 17 in the game even when the season starts. His acceleration stands at 14 and so does his determination. With his technicality at 14 too, this is a player who can become a complete creative outlet for anyone’s side.

Daniel Maldini

The name Maldini will now forever be known for top-class defending and Paolo’s son Daniel surely has a mountain to climb in that regard. In Football Manager though, he has the potential to do just that.

The 17-year-old though is a midfielder by trade and is valued at € 117K by Milan. His skill-set is impressive, despite the tender age. His free-kicks stand at 14, while he also possesses an acceleration of 14. His technical ability of 14 and determination of 12 makes him a potential star for the future.

Alessio Riccardi

Roma are never far behind when it comes producing very good young players and giving them the platform to do that. Daniele de Rossi and Francesco Totti are examples. But Alessio Riccardi could become your own hero from Rome.

At 18, Riccardi has the determination of 16 and that is key. The midfielder is a very tough character and also brings the technical ability of 14 to the plate. He does have the flair of 14 and the work rate of 14 makes him a very dangerous player in the future. Roma value him at  € 583K and he’s very much the real deal.

Hamed Junior Traore

Currently on loan from Empoli at Sassuolo, Traore is at the gli Azzurri on FM 2020. He presents the case of being a complete midfielder who is already much more developed than the other names because he’s got first-team football at Empoli and now at the neroverdi.

His work rate, stamina and fitness stand out in the game. It is at 15, with his determination at 14 and not too far behind either. He’s a combination of graft and guile, with tackling at 14 and technical ability at 14 too. Since he’s more established, Traore’s value stands at € 10.4 million. But since Empoli are a Serie B club, they might not ask for too much more.

Sebastian Walukiewicz

The Polish defender has already made his debut for Cagliari in real life this season, but he’s much cheaper than Traore in the game. Cagliari value him at € 1.2 million, making him a no-brainer for any team that needs a back-up defender.

At 19, Walukiewicz is a very strong defender physically. He boasts of a strength and jumping reach of 14, with his positioning and determination at also 14 each. All of them present a very deadly combination for any central defender.