Football Manager 2020 is now long out. While the newest edition certainly does have its pros and cons, the basic purpose of the game has remained the same over the last few decades. No matter how good or bad the game is, players will look to dominate world football with whatever teams they have. Top FM players need a mobile phone tracker on their wonderkid shortlists so they don’t miss anything.

Free-agent signings are always enticing transfers for all players. They cost nothing and bring the purpose of no risk and a potentially high reward to the plate. The reward can shoot up to high standards though if the signing is a smart one.

On that note, we take a look at some of the best free-agent signings on Football Manager 2020.

Fabio Coentrao

Fans should ideally remember this once-famous name. The former Real Madrid man, who was once close to joining Manchester United in 2013, is one of the best free-agents in the game currently. While he’s a left-back originally, the game does show him as someone who can play on the left of midfield and on the right of the midfield too.

Despite being 31, he has an acceleration and dribbling of 15- a pleasing sight for many players who want a cheap option at left-back. Best of all, his wage demands are only £30,000/week.

Ivan Strinic

Strinic might be a left-back, but he’s different to Coentrao. When the Portuguese boasts of acceleration and pace, Strinic is more defensive-minded.

He has a determination of 17 and brings leadership to the plate. He can be a cheap captaincy material and a back-up left-back to a team that is strapped for cash. His wage demands are slightly higher than Coentrao, as he asks for about £70,000/week.

Hatem Ben Arfa

Towards the start of the decade, Ben Arfa was busy ripping up Premier League defences. But since being released by Rennes, he has been a free-agent. And on FM 2020, that is what he is.

He comes with high flair, pace, agility and acceleration. They’re around or more than 15. While his physical stats do go down with time, he can be a short-term fix to anyone’s attacking problems. He demands only £50,000/week.

Lucas Silva

The former Real Madrid man presents a rare case of a free-agent. Like others, he isn’t a short-term fix by any means. At 26, he brings a long-term option and is a very reliable player for any club in the heart of the park.

Just about every ability that Silva has is over 10 and around 15. He fits right into a deep midfield role and won’t just be a back-up option. He can play regularly. But that does come with a drawback, as Silva demands a wage of  £120,000/week. That might not be too big an ask for a Premier League side.

Wilfried Bony

Wilfried Bony is still a footballer- yes, he still is. And he is a free-agent on FM 2020 and a rather reliable one too. He may not be someone who dribbles and scores bangers. But he’s more suited to your team if you want a reliable back-up forward who can help in a direct system.

His strength is at 18, with composure also over 15. His jumping reach stands at 12- making him a very good header of the ball. If you’re looking for a striker who can come from the bench make score 5-7 goals a season, Bony can be the man. He’ll ask for only £10,000/week.