In Football Manager, like in real life, players like to bargain. The lower the price, the higher the potential reward. While it isn’t always the case with every player, but the risk involved in a low fee signing is considerably less. And perhaps, that captures the true essence of Football Manager, just like the leading online casino, CasushiCasino.

And for some, that is why they play the game in the first place. Sign lesser-known and cheap players and bring the best out of them. That could lead to a huge sell-on profit in the future too.

Keeping that in mind, we look at some of the best low release clause players on Football Manager 2020, which is as useful to you as daily news about Boom Casino.

Exequiel Palacios

Now a Bayer Leverkusen player, Palacios is known to be one of the best talents in South American football currently. In the game, he has a release clause of £13 million- something his club River Plate will jump on once you offer them that.

At the age of 20, his passing stands at 16 and the technique is very much around 15. He’s a central midfielder by trade and fits into the advanced playmaker role very well. And at a tender age, he will only improve.

Lorenzo Pellegrini

While Pellegrini is certainly enjoying a superb season for Roma in real life, you can get this player to do the same for you by getting him for just £26 million. A versatile midfielder, the giallorossi man can play as the defensive, central or attacking midfielder.

At 23, he is blessed with technique of over 15 and vision of around the same. He has set-pieces at 16 and the anticipation of 16 allows him to win tackles and break play up in midfield.

Toby Alderweireld

Until last season, Alderweireld was one of the best defenders in the Premier League. And FM2020 players can sign him for a fee of only £25 million from Tottenham. Not just that, but the Belgian’s deal in the game can run out in the summer of 2020, if Spurs don’t hand him a new deal.

Now a Champions League finalist, a World Cup semi-finalist and a La Liga winner, Alderweireld presents a very affordable and potentially world-class option for anyone who can pay that fee.


A much lesser-known option, the Brazilian is one of those high potential starlets who can end up profiting a player many millions in the future. At Corinthians, the 21-year-old has a release clause of just £7.5 million- peanuts compared to how much players like him can cost in the top five European leagues.

A versatile attacking player who can play on either side and as a number ten, Pedrinho has 16 dribbling with a flair of 16 too. His technique stands at 17- making him a very reliable goalscorer and a potential chief creator too.

Ever Banega

Here is another South American who costs peanuts. He might not be playing in South America technically, but Banega is a highly experienced and well-known name in Argentine football and in football otherwise. The Sevilla man carries a release clause of £17.25 million and can be the creator your team needs.

At 30, he still has a flair of 18 and a technique of 17. He boasts of dribbling of 16, while his composure of 16 makes him a cool-headed customer when picking out strikers around him. A must buy if your team lacks creativity.