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As you probably know, Football Manager 2020 is already available for download on Steam in beta version, and the full release is set for November 19th.

You may already have some favourite players in mind, but it’s not all about gut feeling. Nowadays, you need to rely on data to predict the results of your games and pick rising football stars that will guarantee success in the long term. To get an edge over your opponents and have a fresh start with the new version of FM, check out the following wonderkids you need to buy right away.

Kayne Ramsay

Club: Southampton

Price: £675k

If you’re looking to stock up on some of Britain’s finest rising talent, you would be smart to consider Kayne Ramsay. This 19-year-old is an upcoming defender with high levels of pace, stamina, and bravery. The best thing is that unlike some of his British peers, he doesn’t cost a fortune.

Rayan Cherki

Club: Lyon

Price: £180k

At only 15 years old, France’s Cherki is the youngest player on this list. However, he already shows signs of great talent, and you can expect his price to skyrocket in the near future. He has the potential to be one of the fiercest wingers out there, as his flair, technique, and dribbling skills make him a major threat to his opponents.

Dayot Upamecano

Club: RB Leipzig

Price: £6.75 million

Here’s another top-quality defender who, at a tender age of 20 already proved himself to be a valuable asset for the German Bundesliga. He will still require lots of training in terms of marking and tackling, but even now, his physical stats are making up for his shortcomings.

Ivan Martinez

Club: Atletico Pamplona

Price: £150k

Investing in a goalkeeper may not be our priority when the transfer window opens, but snapping up Martinez might be a smart move. Even at 17, he’s showing great potential for ultimate football stardom. Besides, you’ll hardly find a decent player like him in La Liga at such a low price.

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