If anyone doesn’t like a wonderkid on Football Manager, he’s probably not human. If not that, he’s just a newbie in the game. Because ever since the game first came out, it made the word ‘wonderkid’ famous more than the players themselves. Since then, signing young superstars has become a rather Football Manager-esque thing to do. This is a tactic you could even employ when arbitrage betting to give yourself an advantage.

And in every new edition, new wonderkids come and dominate games for players. Even in the 2020 edition of Football Manager, there are notable players who make the list. But here, we look at some of the best wonderkid strikers in the 2020 edition of the Football Manager franchise.

Sebastiano Esposito

The 17-year-old Italian has already been given his Inter debut by Antonio Conte this season. But there is every chance that before Conte saw him, Football Manager already gave him the ‘wonderkid’ tag in the game.

Natural fitness and determination are Esposito’s best attributes. They stand at 16– something that is rare for an upcoming teenager. His pace agility and composure stands at 14- proof of how he’s quick and a very reliable finisher too.

He is valued at € 1.9 million- a fee that can rise when the transfer negotiations happen. He is also a great answer when taking into account the question of what is asian handicap betting, which you would not expect.

Matías Arezo

Arezo is one of the lesser-known wonderkids in the game and currently plies his trade with Uruguayan club River Plate Montevideo. Being in the South American leagues makes him a cheap buy in the game as he is valued at only €800K by RP Montevideo.

Arezo, by stats, is a complete forward. His heading is at 15, while acceleration at 15 early on too. The Uruguayan youngster boasts of a pace of 14- making him a complete package in front of goal. Not just that, but he’s a reliable workhorse, with his work-rate and off the ball ability at 13.

Willem Geubbels

Geubbels was a known name in the previous versions of the game. But he seems to have gone up a level in the new edition of FM.

Currently at Monaco, he is capable of playing across the front three but he is mainly a striker. But his versatility gives him the pace of 14- his second-highest attribute in the game. His highest attribute is his flair, which stands at an impressive 15. Geubbels is also blessed with the pace of 14, making him a real danger to defences because of his pace and nous.

He is valued at €525K by Monaco and it won’t rise much, considering the French club are a selling outfit.

Giacomo Raspadori

Another Italian youngster who is coming through the ranks at a Serie A side, Raspadori’s potential ability is only half a star less than that of Esposito.

But the striker is valued at €1.7 million by Sassuolo. It might go high, but he is worth the money. At 19 in the game, Raspadori brings the flair of 15 to the plate. Like Geubbels, his acceleration is 14 but his smartness in a footballing sense gives him an off the ball attribute of 14. That makes him a very terrifying player- someone who can run in-behind defences and score goals.


Lazaro happens to be one of the cheapest striker wonderkids in the game, if he is signed in the first season.

At 17, he is valued at only €56K by his club Flamengo. Even if the Brazilian giants increase the valuation, the currency ratio will make it an affordable price for a European club.

Lazaro boasts of aggression of 18- higher attribute than everyone else on the list. His determination at 16- his second-highest attribute. It shows that he is a lot like Diego Costa with dribbling of 14. For someone who is as young as him, that is very impressive.