The festive period has always been a busy one for English football, and this year is no different. The upcoming week will see the Premier League play on Boxing Day, then again over the weekend, and then once again on New Year’s Day – three rounds of fixtures condensed into one action-packed week. This is, of course, a long-standing tradition – Christmas and the New Year just do not feel the same without football. Of course, jam-packed weeks like this one bring the opportunity to ‘earn’ some extra Christmas cheer, if you will. Using the bet365 app and its apk file, fans and punters can stay updated with the latest odds on their phones.

While football takes a front seat during the festive season, so does Football Manager. The advent of the holidays means uninterrupted time for a lot of football fans to fire up their favourite football management simulator, and spend hours replicating or improving on their team’s real-life exploits. The festive period provides the perfect backdrop for extended Football Manager sessions – time off from work, copious amounts of food (and probably alcohol), and lots of time to kill. The perfect FM combo. Dedicated fans can probably get through an entire season during this week, maybe even more. Of course, this is aided by the game being on sale during this time; a number of people pick it up as a Christmas gift for their family and friends, and it can make for a fantastic gifting option for football fans.

The game attempts to mirror real-life, so of course the schedule is jam-packed if you’re playing with a British club. The Christmas period on any FM save is extremely stressful, as you have to deal with multiple matches in a perilously short time frame, and the likelihood of injuries shoots up due to fatigue. It is not surprising to see many players having to use their youth team prospects towards the end of the festive period on saves, due to half the first-team nursing knocks and niggles or simply not being match-fit after being asked to play three games in a week. Nevertheless, it is an extremely enjoyable time, and can genuinely serve to create wonderful memories for players. Football Manager amplifies the festive football experience for supporters, allowing them to experience multiple highs – the joys of their team winning on the pitch as well as their own online exploits. For all the criticisms of the game, it remains a must-buy for all football fans, and especially over the Christmas period. The game will be on sale, and it will make for a wonderful gift for your loved ones who are football fanatics.