Euro 2020 is over, and we can sum up its results. The group stage was remembered for its sensational footy scores and disastrous performances of some teams. Absolutely no one will remember the game of Turkey, and the matches of North Macedonia gave us absolutely no emotions either. But fans liked Hungary, and Poland and Scotland played well.

The group stage was held at a fairly high pace. Let’s highlight the following teams, which had no equals:

  1. Italy. Squadra Azzurra played at the group stage better than all its competitors, it scored 7 goals and didn’t concede a single one. The most powerful game on all lines affected the forecasts of experts at once, and they gave a poor coefficient for Italy’s victory in the Euro.
  2. Belgium. How different is the game of the Belgians at the stage of the group stage and in the playoffs! Belgium has never lost in the first three matches of the European footy championship, and finished with a score of 7:1 on goals/conceded goals. In the current playoffs, as in previous major tournaments, the Belgians didn’t show their best, once again losing their chance to become a champion.
  3. Netherlands. No one believed in Oranje as a contender for the championship immediately after the first match. However, the next two games clearly showed the strength of this national team. Even the Dutch players themselves didn’t seem to understand what happened in 1/8, although they clearly lost to the Czech Republic.

Sweden looked good in the group stage too. However, the Vikings lost to Ukraine in 1/8, which became a sensation just like the defeat of the Netherlands.

Which Euro-2020 predictions have delighted fans and bettors?

Even before the start of the European Football Championship, many experts didn’t expect anything from average and weak national teams. However, at Euro 2020 predictions were different, and for good reason. The top teams kept losing points, and the odds for the favorite in the fight for the championship changed almost every day.

One Russian bettor was especially lucky, he made an express on the exact score 3-3 in the matches Switzerland – France and Spain – Croatia. Thanks to this interesting prediction for Euro-2020, this bettor was able to win almost $120,000. Just two matches helped him to get a huge amount of money. For this, the bettor should thank the Swiss and Croatian players who were great during the matches.

In the rest of the matches, everything was more or less obvious, except for some sensational results. But there were no more big winnings for the tournament at the bookmakers. Despite this, the European Football Championship was held at the highest level.