Football Manager 2023 is quickly coming, even though it feels like Football Manager 2022 was just released.

Unlicensed teams wreak havoc on everyone’s gaming experience, especially in a game like Football Manager, where immersion and realism are essential.

For many years, Juventus, one of Italy’s largest clubs, has played in Football Manager as Zebre rather than its typical self.

It’s a comfort that Juventus’ exclusive deal with eFootball is coming to an end, since it might clear the way for the Old Lady of Italy to return in Football Manager 2023.

According to Konami, Juventus and eFootball’s exclusive licencing relationship is coming to an end, allowing the Italian superpower to obtain official licences in other video games.

Because the Serie A licencing deal expires with Serie A, official symbols and aesthetics may emerge in Football Manager 23.

Based on the leagues in Football Manager 2022, here is what players may expect to see in Football Manager 2023, with the addition of the Russian Leagues still unknown.

Due to the continuously altering climate of football game licencing, some of the categories represented here may change, but we believe Football Manager 2023’s offering will be more immersive than ever.

Football Manager 2023 has no official release date as of yet; Football Manager 2022 was released on November 8th, 2021, therefore we’re thinking and hoping for the same this year.

Football Manager 2022 hits 1 million in sales

On PC and Mac, Football Manager 2022 has sold one million copies!

According to Sports Interactive CEO Miles Jacobson, the firm does not take the long-running series’ continuous popularity for granted.

“This [milestone] is not something we take for granted in these difficult times, especially with the cost of living problem,” Jacobson posted on social media. “So thank you to everyone who bought the game – or played it on Xbox Game Pass or other platforms.”

Football Manager 2022 was released by Sega in November 2021.

The soccer management simulator is now accessible on a variety of devices, including PC, Mac, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox consoles.