Football Manager has long been one of the favourite football games and particularly a game aimed at the strategists, as a title that has only increased in popularity with the growing fondness of fantasy leagues when looking at the best betting sites and players looking for something to manager further, and each yearly release looks to improve further upon the year before too. The yearly release cycle tends to fall closer to the holiday period which means the next title could fall around the typical time of late October, or more realistically late November. Whilst there are some bits of news and rumours swirling around for the release of the game, what changes could FM2022 bring?

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Growth of Moments to Remember – FM2021 introduced the ‘Moments to Remember’ as a feature to round out your best parts of the season, it’ll show highlights for matches, the biggest wins, biggest goals, and also provide information about aspects like transfers, satisfaction, and financial info too – whilst not for everyone it certainly is a feature that has become quite popular amongst players, and if FM2022 is able to expand on this further it could become a feature that provides a lot of information around the success at the end of each season, and be something shareable on different platforms to introduce a social feel or even a more competitive edge too.

Press Conferences are still a rough spot – Throughout the history of the FM games, the press conferences have seemingly been a bit of a waste – the journos will ask the same questions, and the design had never been all that great. As a core part of the game too, it’s something that needs to find a lot of improvement – the new layout in FM2021 was certainly a welcomed one but is something that can certainly be improved upon, and big changes could make this part of the game much better for seasoned players tired of the same old that is brought through in each game.

FM2022 Available to all – For the longest time, the FM series was only available exclusively to PC which had made it much more difficult to access for some but with FM2021 increasing availability to different handheld devices as well as the Xbox, this is certainly promising for the future of the game for console players too. There’s no news just yet about availability, but it’s expected FM2022 will largely be the same with PC, Xbox, Switch, and iOS and Android availability too, with the hopes that it may also find a home on PlayStation in the near future too.

If you have pre-ordered the game, you will be able to get an early look from the Beta which is typically available a few weeks before launch, so keep an eye out for that as you may be able to get a very good first look at what to expect.