While no confirmed launch date is currently available for Football Manager 2023, we would expect to see the release of Football Manager 2023 around the same time as that of Football Manager 2022. We believe that there is a high chance Sports Interactives expected will launch a Beta version of Football Manager 2023 – just like what they did for Football Manager 2022 last year. The Microsoft and mobile versions of Football Manager launched on the exact dates as the PC/Mac versions the previous year, and it is expected that Football Manager 2023 will follow a similar timeline. The Xbox Edition and Touch editions of Football Manager 2023 are expected to be cheaper than the full-priced PC games, identical to last year’s series. When it comes to stores, Football Manager 2023 is available for purchase via PC or Mac download through Epic or Steam, as well as Sega’s official stores and the Microsoft Store.

We have yet to get confirmation of the game’s presence, but as previously said, Football Manager has been released on a yearly basis for the past 17 years. With Football Manager 2023 expected to arrive in video game stores later this year, it will surely provide players with tons of fun, excitement, and virtual managerial experiences. Last year Football manager 2021 proved to be popular, with more than 446 million matches played since its release, and the anticipation is building for its more significant launch. The 2022 version of the game was released in November last year and sold over one million copies in just under a year across PC/Mac platforms. The Football Manager 2023 teaser has yet to be published. The trailer is usually released two months before the game’s release. Based on last year’s timetable, fans may get a sneak peek inside the simulation game around September.

The developers of Football Manager 2023 have been building databases and women’s soccer technologies for several years, but it is not clear whether they are ready to launch for FM23. Tina Keech has been appointed as head of Women’s Soccer Research in-game, and it is expected that the required databases will take several years to be built, which is why women’s play will not be a feature for Football Manager 2023. Integrating women’s football into the database will take time, and discussions are beginning with women’s leagues across the globe. The game developers are always open to new suggestions.

The cost of Football Manager 2023 has not yet been published. Football Manager 2022 was sold at £39.99 in the UK and $54.99 in the US last year, and the prices are not likely to vary significantly. There is also the possibility of a pre-booking discount, which was 10% the last time.