This week on the One More Game Podcast we talk set pieces. A delayed podcast this week as Mike struggles to organise the bird orchestra and ultimately failed.
Mike and Samo talk about their use of set pieces and how effective they might be. What are your favourite corner and free-kick routines?
From a defensive corner do you get everybody back to defend, or do you leave men forward to try and carve a counter attack? Which is the most effective method in your save, or do you try something different with your set pieces?
How do you attack a corner? Are the AI too effective on a counter-attack from a corner forcing you to be conservative in your routine? Or do you throw caution to the wind and throw men at the issue to try and score every corner you get?
Another option could be retaining possession from set pieces. Keeping them short could be more effective if your players are particularly bad in the air or delivering set pieces. Is playing safe the way to go?
With defensive free kicks, is a wall even needed at times? Will a keeper be hindered by the players in front of him? A freekick from distance is a prime example of a time to pack your own box or leave men forward instead of building the wall.
How useful are long throws? Set-piece expert Keysi Rensie utilises long throws and shows it off with his gifs on Twitter. He also provides some key tips to get the most out of set pieces.
What does resident “Club Shop” Tony Pulis fanboy Mike do for set pieces? Does he try to emulate his hero or is he less focused on set piece bombardment?
What changes would you like to see made to set pieces? Can Sports Interactive improve them for FM19 or should they leave them as is? Could set-piece specialist backroom staff be added?
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