Can’t put this off any longer, can I?

Today we visit Anfield to take on Jürgen Klopp’s Liverpool. They were predicted fifth at the start of the season by the media and find themselves up in second behind Premier League Champions Arsenal.

In this alternate world, there are no shouts for Arsene Wenger to leave, no obnoxious Fan TV, just plenty of fans applauding and celebrating his accomplishments and rightly so.

In Liverpool’s last league game against Burnley they played this formation:

But then in their last home league game against Leicester City, they played this formation:

So who the fuck knows who will start. Daniel Sturridge probably. As I process the possibilities, I’ve just got time for the traditional pre-match press conference. We’ll just do this and then get straight on the bus. I’m not expecting anything from this game so a decent performance will be good enough to satisfy me.

Reporter: Victory could see Swansea move into a EURO Cup qualification spot. Is that something that gives your team extra motivation?

Me: With all due respect, we’ve set our sights on loftier goals.

Ha ha, that’s just a joke.

Me: We’re just taking things one match at a time.

Reporter: How have your preparations been affected by the ten-day gap between fixtures?

Me: You won’t find me complaining about any opportunity for the players to rest and for extra tactical work to be done on the training pitch! If we don’t score from a corner, I’ll be staggered.

Reporter: Swansea City Under 23s have won the U23 Premier Division Cup and there is clearly a vast amount of talent in your youth set-up. How pleased were you to see it and do you have any plans to promote some of the players to your first-team squad?

Me: They’re a talented bunch; they do have way to go yet but the future is very bright. Did you notice they also got relegated this week?

Reporter: How much credit do the staff involved in the development of these youngsters deserve for this success?

Me: You have to credit the players really. They’re the ones that had to go out there and get the job done and they did it superbly. Let me check the vote…

Reporter: Is there perhaps one player who stands out from the Swansea Under 23s Premier Division Cup win as someone you have your eye on for the future?

I should point out at this point that both Renato Sanches and Tammy Abraham were listed as options. I ignored them.

Me: Matt Blake. He contributed two impressive assists.

And with that, it’s time to board the coach. Join us later today on @FMDaily_ for live coverage of what hopefully won’t be an absolute gubbing at the hands of Liverpool. We’re on television so it’s the late kick-off at 5:30 pm so join us 15 minutes before for the teamsheets. Wish us luck!